The panic-stricken experience of life: why panic and chaos are good


The Greek word kybernesis refers to the ability to govern a shipto rule or lead something. The art to control. One of the ways to escape control is the invisible revolution. It’s something that I like to call “The Fog”. A scattered, diffuse, unconventional approach – deeply unpredictable, but still synchronized in order to strike. That’s what we need today: We need to enter the fog and consider chaos and panic as a chance to alter things, not as reasons for experiencing everyday life with fear, anxiety and vanity. Chaos and panic create an enormous field for improvisation and experimentation. To become part of the fog means to finally understand that shadow and darkness constitute parts of ourselves and our nature. Once this sort of acceptance is made, the shadows will lead to the realization that believing in direct democracy is simply a fiction. And exactly this is the use of shadows and darkness in our nature: helping us define fictions from realities. Thus, becoming part of the fog means becoming invisible, recognizing that one represents nothing and there are no identities.

In a world of well regulated scenaria, perfectly calculating programms, faultless division, good positioned options and actions… What constitutes in this word an obstacle? What isn’t working perfectly? What limps along?

One of the ways to escape control is the guerilla. A guerilla is different than a war. It’s a mixture of freedom of actions – where the individuality is held and preserved – and of a not that strictly and tightly organized battle for a common goal. It’s the field for intensily commited improvisations. It is the improvisation itself. And exactly that’s the difference between the war and the guerilla – and the success of the guerilla. Because battle is not anymore the only process of war, neither the destruction and elimination of the enemy. No, that’s not the main goal – especially when there is talk of enemies with no visible faces and faceless powers. In that case stories of battes are useless and absurd – a series of wasting energies actions, where the real enemy and problems are not calculated well enough.

Part of this calculation and just rational thinking, description and detection of the real problem, should be the recognition of the fact that most of the wars are wars of contact(s), wars of information. Imagine for example two armed forces fighting each other· they both try hard staying close to each other and avoid a possible tactical surprise. Of course there are wars of detachment too. In that case the enemy maintains a tacit attitude – almost an unspoken threat attitude – and shows up just to attack.

But the guerilla works through other mechanisms and series of acts. Act number one: I am creating reality. I am damaging and I am damaging myself through me damaging. This is sabotaging. My behaviour doesn’t exist in this moment for the order, plans or intentions, which are damaged with me. Because I am absolutely Nobody. And my pleasure goes beyond every order, every plan, every intention. Act number two: I am not reacting to human or machine feedback-loops, which are trying to seize me. I am aloof, I am not entering this flow and river space, I am not joining, I am staying. Passivity is now my efficacy against every order, plan and intention. Against the anti-fog system. I am absolute Nobody. I am enjoying in perverse ways. But I am keeping to myself.

Policies and wars are formed by a kinetic dimension we often tent to dismiss. In the end it’s all about time: speed and slowness. Of course speed is always nice – especially when being faster than those who rule. However slowness is the hidden virtue many of us happen to not pay attention to. Moving slow is a great way to resist and fight against those, who rule. Why? It’s simple: The flow of information delivered nowadays is so huge and rapid – the communication process also – that the fluctuations and alterations taking part inside the system are eventually insignificant and basically uncapable of truly changing the way the system works. Therefore tactics of slowing down are very important and effectively fight the current system. Moreover slowing down processes are important for the way of living anyway – the way of living, which doesn’t only base on plain exchange of information. Thus, it’s clear that speed supports the current system while slowing down processes interrupt the flow and rivers.

To understand that everything is movement and based on kinetic dimensions – exactly like our bodies do – is elementary in order to change the current way of living. Because rhythm is the opposite of programming. It depends on the life-forms themselves and every body brings a different rhythm with it – even when a body’s leg limps, there is still a very original rhythm there, which simply shows that to limp is part of the nature too. It’s  natural thing.







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