Acrobat of divisions

From one edge to the other,

at the crossing of the bridge

you would see at your left

like golden curls from the sun above the water

in multiple jumps

without any predetermined rhythm.

To the right you would turn your gaze to look

you would see more water,

which the rock cleverly separates in two,

light from darkness.

So this side, keeps its waters dark

and the shadows cool every move that would look plastic.


Imagine this little head,

which with his mind

feeds the optical illusion.

It’s like this that it thinks it walks on an acrobatic rope made out of stone

and not on a bridge;

but that’s the way it should be,

as the wind blows

the body, which moves across the bridge.


If you saw it from somewhere far or near,

left with all naturalness it was in every push of the wind;

neither resisting or feeling fear

the wind decided to blow it in the left

– nested – fallen into the curls, the sun’s aquatic hair.


Just before it happened,

time and movement have chosen a different timeline;

the acrobatic body had reached now the other edge


and so the wind started looking for another acrobat

who can let himself free and light on the rope made out of stone

and in the middle of every kind of division.

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