The converter

A very weird, torturously long, probably confusing and not clear text about how human brain works and converts information. A metaphor, which was created inside my brain initially as an image and afterwards I felt the need to try and describe everything with words. The original text was written in Greek. Basically the text is a metaphor about, how the human brain receives stimuli and information and decides to transform it into something. I guess the text was also inspired by the art of alchemy.


What many of us haven’t understood yet is the following: that the moving vessels that are moving back and forth, are very important receptors for producing things. We may have been manically devoted to transforming any form of energy – with the ultimate aim of exploiting it, of course, but we ignore the basic center and core of where the ideas are born. Of course, the human mind was, and still is, a unique issue to deal with and study. However, it is completely paranoiac how much we ignore our own potentials (attention: not necessarily the good ones, let’s not be that naive).

Like a fresh, tender, velvet and fragrant grass, somewhere in between, pops up an equally tender, velvet and fragrant flower. Innocent flowers, who have no idea what’s out there, but when they learn, they will automatically enter the game – it couldn’t happen differently. It is almost unavoidable to not get mixed up with what is happening out there. Even if someone has the feeling, passionately nourishes the fantasy that he will succeed something like that just by having his own loneliness, his very own existence as his unique companion. Even this can be hard, because even in such a case one needs a great balance and knowledge of the situation in order to make it.

The boundaries between rationality and irrationality (not that irrationality may not be rational) are like two fields, separated only by a  wobbly fence. We are actually talking about the same land. The weird thing is though, how easy one can jump from one field to the other. And this is for me interesting: how two things we think of as opposites. at the same time seem so closely related (just as if the boundary that separates them is almost invisible and so thin) are ultimately differentiated and shaped based on the recipient. Furthermore they are  altered and transformed to something else when that personal and special element is added (which, of course, despite its peculiarity can be repeated as a projection, since the uniqueness of each receiver is wonderful, but sometimes non-existent since imitation elements are extremely powerful).

The huge, round cauldron waits with rage for the materials to fall. Simmering, in a permanent warm-up phase, expecting the next motives, which will lead to a new result, to a conversion.

What I find terribly interesting is the empty cauldron. That cauldron is two things at the same time: charming, because disgusting slime is not sticking to it’s walls or any hazardous materials (so it manages well enough to maintain its authenticity and purity), but it also runs the risk of complete sterilisation.

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