The pleasure of unawareness

I sometimes think that it’s perfect to know absolutely nothing: one thinks that he has absolutely no responsibility or obligation to anyone or anything. One feels light and happy knowing exactly that he’s aware of the knowledge of absolutely nothing. At this point I admit that I admire – no matter how paradoxical it may be – those who can compromise with the idea of ​​being unaware of things and situations, contexts and happenings, because even unawareness requires a special talent.

So, it’s all about an incredible technique in which its implementer knows exactly and absolutely nothing, but masterfully persuades several times everyone around him that he knows better (by blabbing on paper and in theory very important and intelligent… shit). Moreover the situation is often like that: meaning that that person speaking terribly enjoys speaking and also is terribly unaware of his condition. It’s like saying, he’s unaware of his unawareness.

“My dear, you should inform yourself better on the topic.” Oh yes, you should. However, I enjoy your way of speaking with such great certainty and unawareness at the same time, having the opportunity to share that rotten emptiness with a large number of “human living things” with “two legs”. These “human living things” with “two legs” are waiting for the “knowledge” to fall like rain on a sterile desert, so they just suck it up without a second thought and without a trace of filtering what they let enter their brains.

One could say that the horror of unawareness irritates – at least most of the times – those who enjoy sucking furiously every inch of knowledge (not that those are more normal than those being unaware, but normal isn’t important).

But in the end who is better of the both and why? The answer is “no one”. It’s just that the unawareness, which has become a way of living – after daily brainwashing and therefore lack of creating a possibly more complete picture of things – has deeply penetrated the “skin”, but then applied on it just like a second layer of new skin. And of course all this in the beginning seems like a naive, careless game. It’s even a pleasure. The thing is, there is more “meat” in the case than one may think.

Thus, are we talking about a practice, which applied with complete unawareness – or maybe not?

Sometimes I just wonder, if one has ever wondered for himself how many things of what he’s accepting to enter his skull and brain and lie down next to his very personal and unique thoughts, have destroyed any pure idea or thought he could ever create? A voice saying now: “You’re losing all possible authenticity with fast and  automated procedures, and you should know it.” At this point, I suggest a filter, but it should be a strong one though.

Dirty little ugly flies. Do they cling faster than the plague of 1850 or the chickenpox of India in 1975? This comparison it’s not important right now. The only thing that matters is to understand the risk that someone is taking with this attitude and proceed with all necessary action. Because not getting the right information is as infectious as the aforementioned epidemics.

It’s really disgusting, degrading to our own intelligence. Yes it is. Supposedly we want to be considered a superior species comparing to all the others out there. And yet it’s so funny, because we can be fooled just like a mouse that just got stuck into the trap. And all this for such a small piece of cheese (the consequences of hunger I suppose).

Try not to enjoy your unawareness to much and when you do enjoy don’t think you have the selfish right of everything.

The most beautiful thing out there are the invisible lines of knowledge: the mind itself and its ability to transform information. Often we find this ability something self-evident or something extremely simple. However, the universe is within us and this is something I don’t know how simple or little it may be.

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