The tube

An abstract text I wrote some years ago, when I had this image of a pipe or tube inside my head and started creating images inside it. The original was written in Greek. Now I translated it into English and Spanish. Maybe Italian and German also.

This tube is not particularly large. Small width, low height. It is not particularly bright either. As you probably already can imagine all of you, the thing you can do the best inside a tube like this, is to get stuck inside. And as long as you’re stuck in it, really, so ridiculously stuck in it, in the shape of a starfish (if you can stretch of course enough) with your legs and arms wide open you realise how ridiculous you are. The funny part is that you never have – until that time – realised, and between us, precisely for this very reason, the moment you are stocked in, even worse than the mice you so fond of, inside a sinkhole, you understand more clear than ever, what it means to be able to get out of that wet darkness.

You understand – it depends of course on how long you are going to stay inside it, because you are going to go through a range of emotions – that you only desire the most essential. It’s great to have such moments of awareness – I was always wondering why they keep as long as some fireworks (these moments of awareness). Maybe it would all be better if we all focused on the basics? I think yes, it’s really reassuring.

At the same time it is so ridiculous, because while there is this momentary ability to visualise the truly important things, we continue to choose more often the non important ones. It is assumed that this dark tube (you can imagine a dark chamber, room, cell, etc. in place of the tube, the effect is the same) is there in order to remind you that your oxygen, food, and water are truly the most important elements you need. We’re talking about the basics. Then you can add the sun and a roof over your head. If you have imagination in the future you could add more details, but never forget about that tube.

Many times you bump that plug over your head with your hand. You try to free yourself, you try to meet with the light. You probably didn’t ask the light if he wanted to meet you. I know, why wouldn’t it? Totally selfish. You think that everything is yours and you’re getting ready to step into the lead role, where you play an incredibly successful demigod – if not god, I’m not into religions that much. But no one asked to see such a performance. Only maybe a few. A few beneficiaries – with privileged tickets I will say.

This world does not need anything or anyone. And if you think the opposite, then you will suffer from addictions and hallucinations. “Need” is a very wrong word. And yet it is a word used directly and indirectly, consciously or not, more often than ever.

And when someone has never lived – at least virtually – inside that the tube, feeling the ultimate pleasure of freedom and voluntarily deciding his own personal slavery, then the consequences are almost inevitable. And not particularly beautiful.

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