The text was written originally in Greek and is the result of pure writing without thinking that much. I have to admit that it was also written mainly after being deeply disappointed by society in general and in a period, in which I was a bit more cynical than probably needed.

Note: The Two-Feet(s) are metaphorically the people or the human.

And somehow like that, I decided one fine day that I would be wandering around the streets and all other outer spaces, where the rest of the “two-feet(s)” walk around, with absolute naturalness: I would continue to wander around without taking care of anything – not even of myself – with every honesty, I have already decided on this and nothing seemed more decided than this one act. This decision was actually taken as I think unconsciously in order to reach a deeper appreciation and love towards my utterly spectacular (irony) species and then in order to surpass my own self – I guess that is the reason why I mentioned some lines before that I would not even take care of myself. However you shouldn’t think that I wasn’t feeling under pressure with this whole project. It was actually exactly the contrary going on: just the idea of this project and attempt made me strain. At this point I can hear a voice screaming: “Damn you prejudiced little girl and burn, burn in hell!”

My ongoing walking around costed me a lot gentlemen. It got even more expensive than I had imagined and the losses I have to inform you were immediate – mainly in terms of my nervous system. Oh, yes.

For real, I didn’t know anymore where to focus on at first; it was as if everything would pass by in front of me and then I would look with big psychotic eyes – out of the tranquillisers. “What’s going on now? Did you ask me when you gave birth to me? Or was it just because you just liked it back at that time?

That walking around made me go completely nuts as I think. It made me feel physically sick, almost paralysed and like chopped inside a black garbage bag – completely mentally retarded. Allover dead and alive at the same moment. And then I would ask why I should offer that “generously” all that knowledge, which hidden inside my head. “No, no, absolutely no, I am sorry amigos mio”.

At this point I am asking you now, yes you Mr. Two-Feet(s): “Have you realised what you are and where you come from?” If so, then please be reasonable. Keep a low profile and realise that there are some other things existing beyond you and your bunch. And just because you can’t think of anything beyond the two extremes – black or white, right or left, ace full or nothing – try to meditate for a while with the hope to calm down a bit and reorientate. I know, I know, choosing the medium way isn’t the easiest thing; you will probably burn some brain cells in order to find that medium way. However, please just try to do it for humanity (maybe that’s the point, where we all laugh together out loud). But it’s my duty to inform you that the other sound of that laugh, looks in words like this:

A sad, a sad repetition. Some circles, endless moving circles; so many repetitive circles that you have already been hypnotised. You rested assured inside the same pattern. Why do I now have to watch you? I’m tired of clapping to you so that you wake finally up. Because nothing happens. There is no mobility. And I wonder, why that moaning.

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