The initial idea was to take a small walk around the neighbourhood. Without even noticing how, we ended up in the centre of the huge market with old objects and clothes, watching the people walking like insects so close next to each other – yes, touching themselves while walking next to each other. They would not even be aware that they would touch themselves. Their eyes would rather stick on the various objects lying down on the floor. You see in these urban markets touching others or passing them is something normal and one would expect something like that to happen even before going there. How weird this scene feels now, months later; the market is empty for days, many days. The small distances between human bodies are now a forgotten thing and even the memory of this scene of the past time feels so bizarre.

Back then we ended up on a higher level of the market, which would become our Observatorium and suddenly out of nowhere we would invent a whole new game for us; “Tell me, if you see the lady with the yellow jacket and the red boots. You have one minute!”. The next guessing riddle would make automatically it’s appearance after the time would be over and so the two friends would laugh and entertain themselves almost as if they would be drunk inside a bar. “You see the man with the military bag and the black sunglasses? He is on your left.” Then: “There is an elder woman with blue hair walking around and she is taking a look at an old watch. On your right!”. The people wouldn’t even notice our game and our laughs from our secret observatory. And we would keep going until it was time for lunch and our stomaches would friendly remind us that our eyes and our little game wouldn’t hold for long, if we wouldn’t soon eat something.

Audiobook version: https://soundcloud.com/lignes_invisibiles/observatorium-english-version

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