Paper love

The mini clips you are watching recently here, are a result of my curiosity regarding theatre in general and theatre of objects in particular. Since I am daily trying to find ways to keep my innocence, I prefer playing with figures than video games. At least for now. Two paper heads in their first form, […]

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The sleeping prince

One of the results of my curiosity for theatre and in particular theatre of objects, is this moving little paper head. Uno de los resultados de mi curiosidad por el teatro y, en particular, el teatro de objetos, es esta pequeña cabeza de papel en movimiento.

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Cordes fluixes i comunicació verbal

This is the Catalan translation of the text original “The tightropes of verbal communication”. I decided to publice it here, since it will be part next month of the local Catalan magazine “La Dona dels Nassos”. Sempre m’ha resultat estrany això de portar-ho fins a aquell punt. O, com a mínim, la manera que té la gent […]

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