When the old men were looking for their memory, some other younger men were looking for “lithi” (meaning oblivion in Greek); the first were desperately trying to remember parts of their lifetime and the second ones were burning inside the repetitive torture of memories.

Part 1

Elders: Now we have the grace to speak and make this introduction, since the writer can not decide the elder or the young ones should beginn. This night with great desperation it is the attempt of the revival of who we used to be once. You see our memories couldn’t even be named memories since we have not such a thing anymore. Therefore the word memory for us is almost unknown. However we heard the youngest saying that a memory is almost like a depository of millions of mirrors; one only has to enter it and look at these mirrors to find parts of himself reflecting chronically and locally different moments of someone’s life.

Youngests: Even if we have to repeat ourselves to you, it’s more true than ever; you will forget everything within the next seconds. However maybe we can liberate our minds and souls through this constant repetition of what memory is; liberate us from actually being ourselves in the mirrors. You see, you all wish you could remember, but we, yes we all wish we could forget. Sweet is the juice of recalling, but how long do you think, would you stare at your wonderful reflection? The darkest reflections of yourselves would enter your mind then and force you to see. Are you willing to see all the good, but also all the ugly and dark at the same time?

Elders: We live inside oblivion and we have no feelings anymore. Anything we would commit, just to feel something; good, wonderful or ugly, it doesn’t matter. Let us feel!


2 thoughts on “Memorophobia

  1. Lithi. Non sapevo che oblivion si potesse tradurre in greco ma non mi sorprende.
    In italiano no. Questo mi è sempre dispuaciuto. Perché non si tratta di “nostalgia”, la quale, certamente, poco ha a che fare con il turbinio della gioventù. Se pensi che Oscar Wilde non conoscendo vecchiaia eppure ebbe ugual forza di specchiare per l’umanità ogni sua “memoria”, allora i giovani non dovrebbero mai sfuggire il loro fragile passato per approdare infine a una vecchiaia dove la memoria potrà, forse, non ferire i loro cuori. Quando essi, ormai indeboliti per aver lavorato instancabilmente tutta una vita, eppure saranno ancora così forti da affrontare serenamente la nostalgia.

    Cari saluti

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