Un otro Don Quijote

Lately I travel a lot with a moto and even though I do not usually give names to things, I am haunted by the story of Don Quixote de la Mancha lately. Therefore I decided to name the moto Rocinante, which as I think is the name of the horse of Don Quixote. Then after all the traveling, I sit down and in complete silence or with the radio on, I start sculpturing.

Últimamente viajo mucho con una moto y aunque no suelo dar nombres a las cosas, últimamente me persigue la historia de Don Quijote de la Mancha. Por eso decidí nombrar la moto Rocinante, que creo que es el nombre del caballo de Don Quijote. Luego, después de todo el viaje, me siento y en completo silencio o con la radio encendida, empiezo a esculpir.


One thought on “Un otro Don Quijote

  1. Ah, Don Quijote!

    ~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~

    After weeks of television news overdose
    Don Peyote with faithful Pancho Sandoz
    In basin helmet and dustbin lid cuirass
    Sallies forth to tilt at windmills, sweet ass

    Honey drips clogging his mental apparatus
    Preventing his realising common practice
    Of this era is for fictional works to make
    Some pretence of being factual, like a snake

    Slithering away leaving any truth to shrivel
    And viewers swallowing contradictory drivel
    Headless chickens with all their plugs pulled
    Poor bewildered boomers waiting to be culled

    Corrine, Corrina, 12-bar country blues song
    “Corrine, Corrina, where you been so long?”
    “I’m worrying about you, baby”, hear me sing
    “Come home, Corrina, or life don’t mean a thing”

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