The last hours

All I wanted to say is that do not wait for death finding you the way you were imagining it would find you even when flirting with the last hours everything will spin the way it was spinning before without any tragedy, without any changes. Now the children are playing, screaming for that flying object […]

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Las ultimas horas

Tenía una cosa que decir que no esperes que la muerte te encuentre de la forma en que te lo imaginabas incluso al coquetear con las últimas horas todo girará como giraba antes sin ninguna tragedia, sin ningún cambio. Ahora los niños están jugando, gritando por ese objeto volador quien va a atraparlo primero! Y […]

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Frequently, the brain peels off like a fruit with multiple layers of skin, learns how to waste itself on eternal timelines, often without any specific topic. Like sparks of a moment, one will surpass the other thoughts inside the brain, without any rest. I don’t mean that we are the type of dancers who are […]

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un escritor, un pintor o algo más?

I created this place initially because I consider myself foremost a writer. My spirit clearly belongs to the words and the letters, the papers and the stories. However lately I create sketches more than writings and this is wonderful since drawing accompanies me since forever, exactly like writing. In the end I realise that there […]

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la pluma magica

Somehow the pen is deciding alone what to draw next. I am not even kidding. De alguna manera, el bolígrafo está decidiendo solo qué dibujar a continuación, ni siquiera bromeo.

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Bocetos de octubre

I recently started about trying to sale some of my drawings, but still I do not know if this is a good idea. It is strange how people continue creating for themselves, but when money comes in between, then nothing is the same, because it becomes a matter of “something the majority likes”. Recientemente comencé […]

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Las seis cabezas

This time the clay was white. I took it out of packaging and thought that now I can do whatever I want. In the end and without even noticing, six new characters were standing in front of me. I notice that whenever I create something, write or paint, I do not realise what I am […]

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