Bocetos de octubre

I recently started about trying to sale some of my drawings, but still I do not know if this is a good idea. It is strange how people continue creating for themselves, but when money comes in between, then nothing is the same, because it becomes a matter of “something the majority likes”.

Recientemente comencé a intentar vender algunos de mis dibujos, pero aún no sé si es una buena idea. Es extraño cómo la gente sigue creando para sí misma, pero cuando el dinero se interpone, nada es lo mismo, porque se convierte en una cuestión de “algo que le gusta a la mayoría”.

10 thoughts on “Bocetos de octubre

  1. You are right. Few of us have the courage that allows – or compels – artists like Picasso, Miles and Dylan to follow their own creative light in the face of public incomprehension, rejection and even hostility. Yet in time all three became vindicated and eventually revered. Van Gogh’s talent (genius?) on the other hand was of course only recognised after his death.

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  2. Hello, Thank you for following the Pen’s Might. I try to take the middle ground. I make the art I;m drawn to and do my best to get it out into the world and hopefully sell some. So far, there hasn’t been such a great rush of interest or money, meaning I don’t have to worry about the interest of the majority. Put your work into the world, including for sale, and I wish you great success.

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  3. Es verdad, cuando hacemos algo para nosotros mismos es gratificante, pero si lo mostramos y no es agradable para los demás, da ese sentimiento feo.
    Me imagino que eso lo viven a diario todos los artistas.

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