Frequently, the brain peels off like a fruit with multiple layers of skin,

learns how to waste itself on eternal timelines, often without any specific topic.

Like sparks of a moment, one will surpass the other

thoughts inside the brain, without any rest.

I don’t mean that we are the type of dancers who are without any doubt doomed,

but you need a strong stomach, so that the act contradicts the intellect.

It seems impossible, unreal and strange.

Often the brain meows like a cat, wants to eat and sneak out that box,

and it will arrive everywhere, to capture something of everything

jumping from ceiling to ceiling, framing his tracks over there.

Brain! Brain! Oh brain! Because you are never full and satisfied

and you always want to expand your walls more and more.

Your only cure is the place where you were born, the places that gave birth to you,

The places that have seen your outer crust.

Start running to those places, when oblivion finds you

and the familiar mountain you used to climb on:

in the shape of a walnut you are going to meet again that mountain,

weigh closer and feel the heat.

Sweet and light breeze that brings you all the smells,

go in and plant new fruits and roots.

Catharsis will wait like a lady up on the hill

and after the soul is endowed with the most beautiful caresses of nature,

the mind will be deceived for a time and let loose,

screaming with it’s voice:

“To hell with it!”

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