The last hours

All I wanted to say is that

do not wait for death

finding you the way

you were imagining it would find you

even when flirting with the last hours

everything will spin the way it was spinning before

without any tragedy, without any changes.

Now the children are playing,

screaming for that flying object

who is going to grab it first…

And habit sticks like the mud inside the lake

for years inside everything, which is alive.

Even death can not win over habit.

Not even death!

In a way habit is the oblivion of that concept of life

– being born to die –

The elders will rest their hollow bodies

on the same bench and who knows,

maybe they will fantasize one more time about their way of dying

-the endless ways of dying –

But no form of dying will be confirmed in the end

because nothing happens us we imagine

and at the same time due to the habit

there are no surprises also.

In the last hours there is the smell of uncertaintity,

but the truth is that in the last hours

everyone is drunk

– drinking or not –

And surrealism is the only thing being alive

when everything is dying

under the hypnotised look of the habit.

Even death is shaking his head in despair.

If someone can die the way he fantasised,

then only a poet.

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