Poet’s Note: Finally I come to translate into English the short poem I wrote about one year ago in Greek. I am not even aware of the number of poems I already have created and even less of the lack of translation of these poems into various languages. Well, hopefully before passing out, I will manage to translate each poem into every language I am speaking.

You see,

because I started to forget

carrying out my thoughts without any sense of structure

and finding pleasure within the emptiness of nothingness

– seemingly floating within inactivity –

creating images and visions with great thirst,

one after another…

You see,

this is why I found myself sick

inside my own mind many times

– almost like a lifeless, non functional piece of whatever.

But then,

then I leaned in a weird way up there,

up there, while walking on that rope

so I turned a little bit more to the side

and found myself as you see

in the side of folie

which means insanity in French.

In this realisation I smiled in absolute peace.

With that awareness, I smiled in complete peace.

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