The Fall

I never cut myself the way I did right now

and the water which is running through me,

it never left such burning marks on my skin,

the way it does right now

the wrinkles on my face did never before

look intense,

just like right now

and the heart never before screamed

with such a broken throat and infinite pain

never before that very moment.

What is the piercing of the soul,

what is the loss of sight,

I suppose they both

leave a face white, white and cold,

like the one a ghost must have,

if having any

then you are looking for the drug of oblivion,

asking friends and acquaintances.

But one thing is for sure,

pain makes us believe in things,

which do not exist;

things, which have no legs and barely can walk.

So before falling again, think about it.

A fierce warrior, a demonic beast,

which doesn’t take any breathe at all

in front of others,

this is how this kind of love,

which breaks, transforms everyone.

You then

chase that open yarn,

in an explosion of threads

and you try to put them all together.

Thinking that you might

start over and over again,

at a different time,

on another opening of a different yarn.

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