Ilustraciones de noviembre

I think in the next one year the next collection of illustrations and poems will come out. I never tried to explain to myself why there are times there is no inspiration and why there are times there is inspiration, because it does not work like that; either you are born with the wish to lead a life, which is going to be dressed with the fabric of art in every sense or simply not. And periods of non creation become the same usefull as periods of creation.

Creo que en el próximo año saldrá la próxima colección de ilustraciones y poemas. Nunca traté de explicarme por qué hay veces que no hay inspiración y por qué hay veces que hay inspiración, porque no funciona así; o naces con el deseo de llevar una vida, que se va a vestir con el tejido del arte en todos los sentidos o simplemente no. Y los períodos de no creación tienen la misma utilidad que los períodos de creación.

9 thoughts on “Ilustraciones de noviembre

  1. Evocative pieces here. Glad to experience. It resonates, the times of prolific, the times of fallow, like the ebb and flow of the ocean. Sometimes I surf the moving coastline with a foot on each side or tightroping the foam. At others, I’m on the beach in experience of the ebb and flow of the water. At others, I am IN the ocean and one as I, too, am part of the ebbs and flow. Creativity and the Place of Creation emanating as my Man-Womb does is always in the process of being pregnant with ideas and birthing them. Some gestations are long, some instant. Time has no business passing judgment on life.

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    1. Finally Jordan! I get the change to reply to you. I have not forgotten about your words. They were actually hunting me for more days, while I was walking around the city or observing the walls and the people outside. Yes, time is loosing importance whenever the mind is being filled with ideas and images. I felt almost since always like that, even when being a child, however I can not reject the fact that I often think about the concept of time and it inspires me for my writings and illustrations. I hope you are doing fine! Keep surfing, flying over waters.

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