Fire flower

You ever seen a fire flower in the bottom of the sea

spreading its red-orange petals all over the sea bed

giving warmth inside the weight of humidity

and how the contrast of water and fire

could match so good,

at the same time being so annoyed by each other

that a sort of electricity grows inside that space

and nothing looks anymore like a sea or a fire

but rather than another dimension, outside this earth

maybe already being moved into space

This fire flower in the sea bottom may be the door to space

and then you could see maybe, when entering it’s heart

made out of soft lava

that space in between these two elements of water and fire

which create another sort of life

but far away from our understanding.

Is this how things outside our understanding are created?

In ways we could not even imagine;

being formed by scenes and compounds

we never dared thinking of

And is there possible that all these fantastical images

create doors to another space

far away from our earth?

Now I see the fire flower opening it’s petals

the next explosion of it’s lava core

inside the waters

– who can stop a happening like this one?

Thankfully no-one. Nature is all above, fantasy also.

Some bodies now being swallowed by that burning heart

in the middle of all ocean streams and waves

being swallowed to land into another dimension

far from any earthly element.

10 thoughts on “Fire flower

  1. En lisant ce poème j’ai immédiatement ressenti la vision intérieure de la mer. Celle qui détient l’âme de la création. Et qu’on ne voit qu’en plongeant. La vision de la surface étant plane comme une porte qui même agitée garde le mystère de sa beauté.
    Merci de t’être abonné, j’en fais autant.

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  2. I agree. If only the sea cold see how beautiful she is. From earth in water through flame to air and then us to perceived. Is all that’s so below, really as what’s all thats above?

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