Wine, wine, wine, wine, wine, wine!

– how many more times I am going to scream wine

before I realise that all the bodies,

which never met were meant to meet

and all the bodies who met were meant to fall.

Wine, wine, wine, wine and wine again

I scream

as my heart flies away for another dimension

being now replaced by that mechanical pocket watch

hanging down my throat, reaching my chest

tic-toc, tic-toc!

my heart will go on

and wine will pour down my mouth

A dark red vomit – vomit of wine, vomit of life and death

because everything I knew was sure

and because I knew, I ended up alone

I just knew too much

The pocket clock keeps ticking until someone finds my body

white as it is and lifeless

with a particular beauty of all the contrasts gathered together

dark, black hair, white, pale skin

tic-toc and tic again, death is life and life is death once again!

Pour more wine, pour it all, vomit the world, vomit the acid you have inside

and make your going away, just another spectacle

a spectacle, in which everything moves slow and falls down in small parts,

dissolving , dissolving, everything is dissolving…

My face, my hair, my chest, my legs, my arms, my ears.

18 thoughts on “Wine

    1. Hello my friend there, the last days are a bit of crazy for me – kind of down and sad because of what it is going on. Forgive me for not replying to your other comment. Thank you for passing by here and reading!


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