Somehow I was never paying attention during the class

but somehow I always knew what was said in the end

and somehow I could always give an answer.

Somehow there was no importance in what was said

but just in what I am imagining.

It has nothing to do with the teachers or the environment of the class

it’s just that my mind could not help but run free the whole time

and dream about the actual life, about experiencing things

about everything mixing up together,

everything so different

but also so similar,

just like that black matter in the universe

along with all it’s small details inside it.

Nothing was important anymore in paying attention – imagination was the key to everything and even if I would find myself in the desert without water, imagination would show me the way to drink.

Somehow I know everything by knowing nothing – nothing by knowing everything.

5 thoughts on “Somehow

  1. Love this so much. Imagination and daydreams. The opera of our minds. The somehows of the somethings. Your line about finding yourself in the desert without water, and imagination showing you the way to drink, is perfect.


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