Body position when writing

A lot or a little is known about the various positions famous writers used to compose their writings. In particular Virginia Woolf or Ernest Hemingway were writing in a standing position without almost never sitting on a chair. I have never heard about a famous or less famous writer writing from his sofa or bed. However it makes me wonder, if there is any, because me – even though I am little-known – I never wrote a single text standing, but always laying down on my bed. Would it be otherwise I could barely have produced any text since sitting on a chair creates a weird blockage of my thoughts and stresses me enough in order to not be able to write a thing.

Posición del cuerpo al escribir

Se sabe mucho o poco sobre las distintas posiciones que los escritores famosos utilizaron para componer sus escritos. En particular, Virginia Woolf o Ernest Hemingway escribían de pie sin casi nunca sentarse en una silla. Nunca había oído hablar de un escritor famoso o menos famoso que escribiera desde su sofá o su cama. Sin embargo, me hace preguntarme, si hay alguno, porque yo, aunque soy poco conocida, nunca escribí un solo texto de pie, sino siempre acostado en mi cama. De lo contrario, apenas podría haber escrito un texto, ya que sentarme en una silla crea un extraño bloqueo en mis pensamientos y me estresa lo suficiente como para no poder escribir nada.

6 thoughts on “Body position when writing

  1. Being a mother of two under the age of five, I have written standing up many times😁 Though I like to write sitting on a chair. So, sometimes the writing position is also a compulsion rather than a choice.

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