How will it be 

to be outside of the body,

but at the same time being inside the body.

This is perhaps the eternal delirium

this is the air of eternity, of vain eternity

and if it is indeed like that, 

who and how many

will be living there 

or for how long.

 Some know no other way, no other

but just to fly and move like the wind

You see inside the movement 

the head forgets,

the suffering is diminishing.

 Keep your face up while you still have it

in height, as long as you got it

shout with it’s voice and let it also shout with the 

same voice at you,

for as long as you still have it

until it melts, until it bonds with the rest of the 

remaining material

and the eyelids gently dissolve in whatever 

they may meet.

 Keep all body parts in vertical position

even though they scream to you you 

to stand up

to see from above 

all the passing images.

After coming down to earth.

 This is the observation of the images and of what 

you are while observing.

This is the body with its matter

and everything.

It is the vanity of eternity that reaches these living 

parts of the body with the help of observation

and the interaction with the various images.

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