My look is more vivid than all humanity together

liquids are running from my eyes

and as I walk, I cry

and cry and cry.

My look penetrates the earth’s universe –

down on earth

but it’s almost like looking outside our earth

far away

staring at that endless black.

The reason why people look at me is

the way I am looking at things,

my eyes and my gaze.

It is a gaze of war

it is a gaze of passion

it is a gaze of possibilities

it is a gaze of strength

is is a gaze of freedom

it is a gaze of a mouth wide open screaming.

Every time I walk outside the street

nobody can escape that gaze

even though I almost never look at any particular person

but in the contrary…

I am looking at everyone, as if part of a scene.

Even the most stupid person

can be left indifferent to that gaze

gaze of life and death.

5 thoughts on “Gaze

    1. Hello Martina 🙂 I do not know anymore if people in general are interested in poetry and reading it, but it creates a little sparkle in me knowing that at least one person is interested. Thank you for reading my verses!


  1. Another relation is fellowing one crypt…

    BR = Bavaria
    ex = out
    IT = Information Technology

    It says, that there is a artifical intelligence, which controls UK via Bavaria through the Internet. Just the king of IT may turn off this device. His secondary cant do this.


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