My look is more vivid than all humanity together liquids are running from my eyes and as I walk, I cry and cry and cry. My look penetrates the earth’s universe – down on earth but it’s almost like looking outside our earth far away staring at that endless black. The reason why people look […]

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 How will it be  to be outside of the body, but at the same time being inside the body. This is perhaps the eternal delirium this is the air of eternity, of vain eternity and if it is indeed like that,  who and how many will be living there  or for how long.  Some know […]

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There are some peoplemeant to be alone. I am one of them. It’s alright. Wave come and take me.Fire come and burn me.Wind come and fly me.Earth come and burry me. There are some people…meant to be alone.

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Somehow I was never paying attention during the class but somehow I always knew what was said in the end and somehow I could always give an answer. Somehow there was no importance in what was said but just in what I am imagining. It has nothing to do with the teachers or the environment […]

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Έκσταση (Greek translation)

Μια περίεργη έκσταση με γεμίζει όταν οράματα δικά σου κάνουν την εμφάνιση τους και ύστερα δε μπορώ να διακρίνω πια τη πραγματικότητα από τη φαντασία Το δέρμα σου διάφανο και απαλό Η φωνή σου πιο γλυκιά και από το αηδόνι, σαν καλοκαιρινός άνεμος χαϊδεύει την ψυχή μου Τα μάτια σου πιο στοργικά από ότι θα […]

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Ekstase (German translation)

Eine seltsame Ekstase erfüllt mich, wenn Visionen von dir in meinen Fantasien auftauchen und ich kann dann die Realität nicht von der Fantasie unterscheiden Deine Haut durchsichtiger und weicher als jemals zuvor unter allen realen Umständen Deine Stimme süßer als eine Nachtigall, wie ein Sommerwind, der meine Seele anfasst Deine Augen fürsorglicher als ich sie […]

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estasi (Italian translation)

Una strana estasi mi riempie quando visioni di te emergono nelle mie fantasie E poi non riesco a distinguere la realtà dalla fantasia La tua pelle più trasparente e levigata di quanto potrebbe essere in tutte le circostanze reali La tua voce più dolce di un usignolo, come un vento estivo che accarezza la mia […]

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