Sguardo (Italian translation)

Il mio sguardo è più vivido di tutta l’umanità messa insieme i liquidi scorrono dai miei occhi e mentre cammino piango e io piango e io piango. Il mio sguardo penetra nell’universo della terra – giù sulla terra ma è quasi come guardare fuori dalla nostra terra lontano guardando quel nero infinito … Il motivo […]

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My look is more vivid than all humanity together liquids are running from my eyes and as I walk, I cry and cry and cry. My look penetrates the earth’s universe – down on earth but it’s almost like looking outside our earth far away staring at that endless black. The reason why people look […]

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Body position when writing

A lot or a little is known about the various positions famous writers used to compose their writings. In particular Virginia Woolf or Ernest Hemingway were writing in a standing position without almost never sitting on a chair. I have never heard about a famous or less famous writer writing from his sofa or bed. […]

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Maybachufer (Italian translation)

Una storia dei vecchi tempi della mia vita a Berlino. L’originale era scritto in greco, ma ho deciso di tradurre anche il testo in italiano. Nel fiume… da qualche parte sulle rive di quel fiume con il nome Maybachufer… strisce d’acqua di tutte le dimensioni: corte, lunghe, spesse o sottili… Persone con gambe penzoloni. I […]

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Maybachufer (Spanish translation)

Una historia de los viejos tiempos de mi vida en Berlín. El original estaba escrito en griego, pero decidí traducir el texto también al español. En el río… en algún lugar a orillas de ese río con el nombre Maybachufer… franjas de agua de todos los tamaños: cortas, largas, gruesas o delgadas… Personas con piernas […]

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Maybachufer (English translation)

A rather old story from my lifetime in Berlin. The original was written in Greek, but I decided to translate the text into English also. At the river… somewhere on the banks of that river with the name Maybachufer… stripes of water in every size: short, long, thick or thin … People with hanging legs. […]

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A rather old story from my lifetime in Berlin. The original was written in Greek, but at some point there will be a translation into English. Μία παλιά ιστορία από τις ημέρες της ζωής μου στο Βερολίνο. Στο ποτάμι, κάπου στις όχθες του Μάιμπαχούφερ (το υδάτινο στοιχείο μέσα στη πόλη)· λωρίδες υδάτινες, κοντές, μακριές, παχιές, […]

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Μπαρ Κολόμπια

I am currently working on the greek edition of my anthology and translating some texts, which I haven’t yet translated. Therefore, the greek readers can now read the greek translation of “Colombian flecks”, originally written in English. Εάν βρεθείτε στο μπαρ Κολόμπια κοντά στον κινηματογράφο, θα ανακαλύψετε μερικές μικρές, μαύρές κηλίδες στο μαρμάρινο πάτωμα σε […]

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The Fall

I never cut myself the way I did right now and the water which is running through me, it never left such burning marks on my skin, the way it does right now the wrinkles on my face did never before look intense, just like right now and the heart never before screamed with such […]

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