Las seis cabezas

This time the clay was white. I took it out of packaging and thought that now I can do whatever I want. In the end and without even noticing, six new characters were standing in front of me. I notice that whenever I create something, write or paint, I do not realise what I am […]

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Dos personajes más

I keep spending time alone and really enjoy the spontaneity of how these two personajes came to life. The air of the mountain gives another flair almost unconsciously to whatever is being born. Sigo pasando tiempo solo y realmente disfruto de la espontaneidad de cómo estos dos personajes cobraron vida. El aire de la montaña […]

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El elefante muerto

I recently created this clay figure and I’m not sure what I had in mind. But it looks like a skeleton of a dead elephant or another elephant looking like animal. Recientemente creé esta figura de arcilla y no estoy segura de lo que tenía en mente. Pero parece un esqueleto de un elefante muerto […]

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  Koukouuu! Hoooo! This little owl is going for a sleep. Este pequeño búho se va a dormir.

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