The tube

An abstract text I wrote some years ago, when I had this image of a pipe or tube inside my head and started creating images inside it. The original was written in Greek. Now I translated it into English and Spanish. Maybe Italian and German also. This tube is not particularly large. Small width, low […]

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Little black creatures

An abstract text about a metaphor I created in order to describe what happens sometimes when someone is overthinking and is confused. Clearly the text describes mainly the pressure of too many thoughts. It’s a very free written text and without thinking too much. The original was written in Greek. I then did the translation. […]

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Family table 1

Family table; my father and I side by side. Silence. Silence. More silent than silence. Absolute, fucking, impenetrable silence. Bent heads. The looks pinned on the plates in front of us. What the fuck are we looking for inside the bottoms of the plates? All the things we don’t talk about. All the things he […]

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Acrobat of divisions

From one edge to the other, at the crossing of the bridge you would see at your left like golden curls from the sun above the water in multiple jumps without any predetermined rhythm. To the right you would turn your gaze to look you would see more water, which the rock cleverly separates in […]

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