Sguardo (Italian translation)

Il mio sguardo è più vivido di tutta l’umanità messa insieme i liquidi scorrono dai miei occhi e mentre cammino piango e io piango e io piango. Il mio sguardo penetra nell’universo della terra – giù sulla terra ma è quasi come guardare fuori dalla nostra terra lontano guardando quel nero infinito … Il motivo […]

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 How will it be  to be outside of the body, but at the same time being inside the body. This is perhaps the eternal delirium this is the air of eternity, of vain eternity and if it is indeed like that,  who and how many will be living there  or for how long.  Some know […]

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There are some peoplemeant to be alone. I am one of them. It’s alright. Wave come and take me.Fire come and burn me.Wind come and fly me.Earth come and burry me. There are some people…meant to be alone.

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Somehow I was never paying attention during the class but somehow I always knew what was said in the end and somehow I could always give an answer. Somehow there was no importance in what was said but just in what I am imagining. It has nothing to do with the teachers or the environment […]

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A rather old story from my lifetime in Berlin. The original was written in Greek, but at some point there will be a translation into English. Μία παλιά ιστορία από τις ημέρες της ζωής μου στο Βερολίνο. Στο ποτάμι, κάπου στις όχθες του Μάιμπαχούφερ (το υδάτινο στοιχείο μέσα στη πόλη)· λωρίδες υδάτινες, κοντές, μακριές, παχιές, […]

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Κρασί (Greek translation)

Lately I have entered a sort of deep-pression, but somehow I keep writing. Here the Greek translation of my latest poem with the title “Wine”. Κρασί, κρασί, κρασί, κρασί, κρασί, κρασί! – πόσες ακόμη φορές θα φωνάξω κρασί πριν συνειδητοποιήσω ότι όλα τα σώματα, που δεν συναντήθηκαν ποτέ τους έπρεπε να συναντηθούν και όλα τα […]

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Wein (German translation)

Wein, Wein, Wein, Wein, Wein, Wein! – wie oft werde ich noch Wein schreien bevor ich merke, dass alle Körper, die sich nie getroffen haben, sich treffen sollten und alle Körper, die sich trafen, für ewig fallen werden. Wein, Wein, Wein, Wein und wieder Wein schreie ich während mein Herz für eine andere Dimension wegfliegt […]

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Vino (spanish translation)

A lot of deep-pressed this time of the year, I decided to wake up and translate my latest poem into Spanish. ¡Vino, vino, vino, vino, vino, vino! – cuantas veces mas voy a gritar vino antes de darme cuenta que todos los cuerpos, que nunca se conocieron estaban destinados a encontrarse y todos los cuerpos […]

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Wine, wine, wine, wine, wine, wine! – how many more times I am going to scream wine before I realise that all the bodies, which never met were meant to meet and all the bodies who met were meant to fall. Wine, wine, wine, wine and wine again I scream as my heart flies away […]

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