September (German translation)

Dies ist der Sommer der Berge und als September näher rückt die Seen zusammen mit der niedrigen Steppe warten und ich sehe schon die gelbe Farbe vor meinen Augen. Sie scheinen wie Gold durch die Luft. Und als sie die Trauben pflückten habe in der Steppe getanzt, auf niemanden und auf nichts gewartet. September komm […]

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This is the summer of the mountains and as September approaches the lakes together with the low steppe are waiting and I already see the yellow color in front of my eyes shining like gold through the air when they were picking the grapes I was dancing inside the steppe waiting for nobody waiting for […]

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Un settembre

Alcuni settembre prima: Alcuni buoni amici, buoni amici e sconosciuti allo stesso tempo, adoro queste due qualità come se fossero una sola, e il concetto di tempo, che è tirato come una corda in nero, cresco… Mi ritrovo a crescere in numeri o forse no solo in numeri? Ma no, forse è un’illusione. Non ne […]

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One September

Some Septembers before: Some good friends – good friends and strangers at the same time, I love both of these qualities as if they were one – and the concept of time, which is being pulled like a rope in the black – I grow… I find myself growing in numbers or maybe not only […]

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