Cuando los viejos buscaban su memoria, los jóvenes buscaban “lithi” (que significa olvido en griego); los primeros estaban desesperadamente tratando de recordar partes de su vida y los segundos ardían dentro de la tortura repetitiva de los recuerdos. Parte 1 Viejos: Ahora tenemos la gracia de hablar y hacer esta introducción, ya que el escritor […]

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Diálogo entre dos manos

Este es un diálogo entre dos manos. Es una historia sobre las palabras que se escriben, las palabras que se usan, reproducen y que a veces fueron maltratadas. Estoy fascinado por este tipo de historias, donde las partes humanas son las protagonistas y, por lo tanto, se está creando una atmósfera surrealista. El original está […]

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un escritor, un pintor o algo más?

I created this place initially because I consider myself foremost a writer. My spirit clearly belongs to the words and the letters, the papers and the stories. However lately I create sketches more than writings and this is wonderful since drawing accompanies me since forever, exactly like writing. In the end I realise that there […]

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la pluma magica

Somehow the pen is deciding alone what to draw next. I am not even kidding. De alguna manera, el bolígrafo está decidiendo solo qué dibujar a continuación, ni siquiera bromeo.

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Bocetos de octubre

I recently started about trying to sale some of my drawings, but still I do not know if this is a good idea. It is strange how people continue creating for themselves, but when money comes in between, then nothing is the same, because it becomes a matter of “something the majority likes”. Recientemente comencé […]

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Las seis cabezas

This time the clay was white. I took it out of packaging and thought that now I can do whatever I want. In the end and without even noticing, six new characters were standing in front of me. I notice that whenever I create something, write or paint, I do not realise what I am […]

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Dibujando en Valencia

This September finds me after Montpellier in Valencia. I have travelled so much that I now feel I need some rest. I am looking forward for the rainy, lazy days. In the meantime, I can always draw. Este septiembre me encuentra después de Montpellier en Valencia. He viajado tanto que ahora siento que necesito descansar. […]

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This is the summer of the mountains and as September approaches the lakes together with the low steppe are waiting and I already see the yellow color in front of my eyes shining like gold through the air when they were picking the grapes I was dancing inside the steppe waiting for nobody waiting for […]

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Un otro Don Quijote

Lately I travel a lot with a moto and even though I do not usually give names to things, I am haunted by the story of Don Quixote de la Mancha lately. Therefore I decided to name the moto Rocinante, which as I think is the name of the horse of Don Quixote. Then after […]

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Dos personajes más

I keep spending time alone and really enjoy the spontaneity of how these two personajes came to life. The air of the mountain gives another flair almost unconsciously to whatever is being born. Sigo pasando tiempo solo y realmente disfruto de la espontaneidad de cómo estos dos personajes cobraron vida. El aire de la montaña […]

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