Fire flower

You ever seen a fire flower in the bottom of the sea spreading its red-orange petals all over the sea bed giving warmth inside the weight of humidity and how the contrast of water and fire could match so good, at the same time being so annoyed by each other that a sort of electricity […]

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Bocetos de diciembre

It looks like without planning it, the natural progress of things, brings whatever I am doing into a break. Never sure of the reasons behind, however it feels good. How would you look like if you were a figure, a shape, just one sketch…? Parece que sin planearlo, el progreso natural de las cosas, trae […]

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El libro “Figuras Móviles”

Las últimas semanas no duermo. Nunca me sentí más emocionada. Horas de trabajo y horas para preparar esta antología muy personal con textos en español. Un pequeño vistazo a las primeras páginas de la versión en español de Moving Figures con el título Figuras Móviles. Al final hubo más página s de las que pensaba, […]

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A fast poem I wrote in two minutes after starting singing alone the lyrics inside my room, out of nowhere. What is beauty? Everything that falls breaks and crawls everything, which can not be fixed but when you look at it you still find the trick to enter everything in it What is beauty? Everything […]

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Sguardo (Italian translation)

Il mio sguardo è più vivido di tutta l’umanità messa insieme i liquidi scorrono dai miei occhi e mentre cammino piango e io piango e io piango. Il mio sguardo penetra nell’universo della terra – giù sulla terra ma è quasi come guardare fuori dalla nostra terra lontano guardando quel nero infinito … Il motivo […]

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Mirada (Spanish translation)

Mi mirada es más vívida que toda la humanidad junta los líquidos corren de mis ojos y mientras camino lloro y lloro y lloro. Mi mirada penetra en el universo de la tierra – abajo en la tierra pero es casi como mirar fuera de nuestra tierra lejos mirando ese negro sin fin… La razón […]

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My look is more vivid than all humanity together liquids are running from my eyes and as I walk, I cry and cry and cry. My look penetrates the earth’s universe – down on earth but it’s almost like looking outside our earth far away staring at that endless black. The reason why people look […]

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 How will it be  to be outside of the body, but at the same time being inside the body. This is perhaps the eternal delirium this is the air of eternity, of vain eternity and if it is indeed like that,  who and how many will be living there  or for how long.  Some know […]

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There are some peoplemeant to be alone. I am one of them. It’s alright. Wave come and take me.Fire come and burn me.Wind come and fly me.Earth come and burry me. There are some people…meant to be alone.

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Body position when writing

A lot or a little is known about the various positions famous writers used to compose their writings. In particular Virginia Woolf or Ernest Hemingway were writing in a standing position without almost never sitting on a chair. I have never heard about a famous or less famous writer writing from his sofa or bed. […]

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