Visual vs. acoustic

A was just thinking regarding the medial turn we all live in – you can call it medial turn or whatever you feel like naming it. 

In the world we live, in this age and these years, I was just thinking, what about training our ears more instead our eyes? In an era, in which we become consciously and unconsciously slaves of the screens, what if we switch all screens off for a while and open our ears to audio stories and images?

2 thoughts on “Visual vs. acoustic

  1. The images are inescapable for me. They come through my eyes in the waking hours and through my mind in the quiet hours. Sound is important. The birds, the cars, the trains, the laugh of a child (or its crying). But light travels through empty space, which stops sound. And so we must reckon with it and its power. As for screens, I hope more will spend more time watching the “screen” called life. That is reality, and we are in it. We might as well confront it and take some responsibility for it.
    What a special blog! The multiple languages! The clarity of wit! Good luck to you!

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    1. Finally, I get to answer to your comment, which leaves me very emotional thinking about the images you’re describing. I think that more and more people realise how tired they are from screens and in my opinion gradually there will be a change regarding the lifestyle of people. We will return to the past in a way, then return to the future. I also agree with what you wrote regarding responsibility in our life. If every individual doesn’t take responsibility then no change is possible – apart from our personal, internal change, which also very important.


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