Two chances in life

Time inside the train is precious for me; it fires in my little head thoughts, which even surprise me. Thoughts which I never had before. They appear like reflections of new forgotten faces on a piece of glass.

When I am by myself I often laugh alone, being surprised by my own thoughts and then water fills up my eyes, because the feelings overwhelm me and it’s impossible to tell what exactly I am feeling, but as I think whatever it is, it’s deeply pure and creates something peaceful inside my body and soul.

In my opinion, there are rarely in life second chances; however I realised some days ago, when taking the train to a X destination and also have planned to return back to the place I am normally living, that I experience the rare phenomenon of these two chances: There is firstly the trip to go somewhere and then of course the trip of the return. Therefore one always accomplishes the same route and sees more or less the same images outside his window. I wonder how many people realise that they have the opportunity to enjoy the trip twice and maybe notice outside things that they haven’t noticed before on their way to their final destination. Are people taking advantage of this double trip? I am aware that this thought may seem exaggerated or for some of the readers even too dramatic, but personally I do not perceive it like that.

In the contrary these sort of thoughts are the confirmation that I am still alive, deeply respecting everything, which stands out there outside my train window.

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