Crossing the grass

Poet’s Note: The only thing, which made me suffer so much, but in the same time grow as I never imagined before, was the time I spent alone – and this was most of my life.

The little stream near the grape fields

turns into a soft valley

There once, tenderly, passed the water

Now it seems that the grass enjoys only

some fresh morning drops

That river that once was

floating over that grass

is no longer needed

Me passing this curve made of green

I cut something from down the earth,

something hidden inside the wild grass

it looks like oregano

For real when I rub it on my palms

it smells like oregano

what an excitement on that face!

I then find some deep breaths

inhaling the freshness of the oregano

and this is the moment where it starts…

the most vivid spin inside the fields

The tall, dry wild grass

is now embracing the dress, which permeates it

and keeps following down the narrow path

One would say that the grass now

has become that female body,

which breaks it

with slow steps

The colours now are mixing

and the plants awaken the sense of touch

Now I have nothing more to say

as I already take the road to return

and the return road will be irrigated with asphalt and cement.

15 thoughts on “Crossing the grass

      1. Hey Angelina. Beautiful name may I say for a beautiful soul. Good to meet you.

        In the UK, we are in lockdown until December 2nd. Then we are put into a tiered system based on “infection rates” (haha) and basically are in lockdown. It is shit.

        Where are you? How are things there?

        Amber ❤🙏

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      2. I live currently in Spain, so you probably heard that it is pretty bad here with the virus (at least this is what the media is transmitting, however I do not watch TV or listen to the radio). We are in “semi-quarantine”, obligated to not travel outside the cities we live in and most bars are closed. This week they can open, but for just some hours.

        Let’s see how it rolls! Stay strong! 🙂

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    1. Hello Navin! Finally, this afternoon I get the opportunity to reply to your comment. Thank you for taking the time, passing by and reading some of my creations. It is nice to see an engineer writing, I find it always amazing seeing people who do completely different things as a profession, having a passion for writing. Keep smiling and creating!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome….your creations are magnificent….I’m surprised too that I can write….I think I always had that feeling in me but I never believed that I could write….believing in myself could be the factor….but one day I got this deeper opening….realization of some kind….that I felt this urge to express in words….that was in september 2017….now the poem comes to me rather than I think of writing a poem….keep expressing from your heart as you do ✨


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